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Social networks privacy policy

In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the protection of personal data (LOPD) and Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) , Argemí Prefabricats S.L. informs Users that a profile has been created on the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others with the main purpose of providing information and advertising its products and services.

Argemí Prefabricats S.L.

La Gavarra Industrial Estate

Ronda de la Font Grossa, 33

08540 Barcelona

The User has a profile on the same Social Network and has decided to join the page created by Argemí Prefabricats S.L., thus showing interest in the information that is advertised on the Network. By joining our page, you provide us with your consent for the processing. of the personal data published in your profile.

The user can access the privacy policies of the Social Network itself at any time, as well as configure their profile to guarantee their privacy.

Argemí Prefabricats S.L. treats the User’s public information, especially his contact name. These data are only used within the Social Network itself and are not incorporated into any file.

In relation to the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, which you have and which can be exercised before Argemí Prefabricats S.L., in accordance with Title III LOPD and the RDLOPD, you must take into account the following nuances:

    • Right of Access: It is the User’s right to obtain information about their specific personal data and the processing that Argemí Prefabricats S.L. has been made or carried out, as well as the information available on the origin of this data and the communications made or planned thereof. This right will be defined by the functionality of the Social Network and the ability to access information from the Users’ profiles.
    • Right to Rectification: It is the right of the affected person to have the data that turns out to be inaccurate or incomplete modified. It can only be satisfied in relation to the information that is under the control of Argemí Prefabricats S.L. (For example, deleting comments posted on one’s own profile). Normally, this right must be exercised before the Social Network.
    • Right of Cancellation: It is the right to delete the User’s personal data, except as provided in other applicable laws that determine the obligation to preserve the same, in a timely manner. shape. This right may be exercised, for example, by unlinking the profile to which it is linked.
    • Right to object: It is the User’s right not to have their personal data processed or to cease their processing by Argemí Prefabricats S.L. As with the right of cancellation, it may be exercised, for example, by unlinking the profile to which it is linked.


In order to exercise any of the rights described above, you must meet the following requirements:


  1. Presentation of a letter addressed to Argemí Prefabricats S.L., at the address Pol. Ind. La Gavarra, Ronda de la Font Grossa, 33, 08540, Barcelona or by email to
  2. The letter sent by the owner of the data requesting the exercise must meet the following legal requirements:
    • o Name, surname of the interested party and copy of the DNI. In the exceptional cases in which representation is admitted, identification by the same means of the person representing you will also be necessary, as well as the document accrediting representation. The photocopy of the DNI may be replaced as long as the identity is proven by any other legally valid means.
    • o Petition in which the request is specified. If you do not refer to a specific file, you will be provided with all the information we have with your personal data. If you request information about a specific file, only the information about this file. If you request information related to a third party, it will never be provided. If you request it by phone, you will be instructed to do so in writing and you will be informed how you can do it and the address to which you should send it. You will never be given information over the phone.
    • Address for notification purposes.
    • Date and signature of signatory
    • Supporting documents of the request being formulated.


  1. The interested party must use any means that allows proof of the sending and receipt of therequest.


Using the profile

Argemí Prefabricats S.L. will carry out the following actions:


  • Access to public profile information.
  • Publication in the User profile of all information already published on the Argemí Prefabricats S.L. page.
  • Send personal and individual messages through the Social Network channels.
  • Page status updates to be posted to the User’s profile.

The user can always control their connections, eliminate content that is no longer interesting and restrict who they share their connections with; Therefore, you must access your privacy settings.



The User, once joined to the Argemí Prefabricats S.L. page, may publish on the latter, comments, links, images or photographs or any other type of multimedia content supported by the Social Network. The user, in all cases, must be the owner thereof, enjoy the copyright and intellectual property rights or have the consent of the affected third parties. Any publication on the page, whether texts, graphics, photographs, videos, etc., is expressly prohibited. that violate or are likely to violate morality, ethics, good taste or decorum, and/or that infringe, violate or infringe intellectual or industrial property rights, the right to image or the Law. In these cases , Argemí Prefabricats S.L. reserves the right to immediately remove the content, and may request the permanent blocking of the User.

Argemí Prefabricats S.L. will not be responsible for the content that a User has freely published.

The User must keep in mind that their publications will be known by other users, so they are also primarily responsible for their privacy.

The images that may be published on the page will not be stored in any file by Argemí Prefabricats S.L., but they will remain on the Social Network.

Contests and promotions


Argemí Prefabricats S.L. reserves the right to hold contests and promotions, in which the User joined on its page may participate. The bases of each of them, when the Social Network platform is used for this purpose, will be published therein, always complying with the LSSICE and any other applicable regulations.

The Social Network does not sponsor, endorse or administer, in any way, any of our promotions, nor is it associated with any of them.


Argemí Prefabricats S.L. You will use the Social Network to advertise your products and services. In any case, if you decide to process your contact data to carry out direct commercial prospecting actions, it will always be in compliance with the legal requirements of the LOPD and the LSSICE.

Recommending the Argemí Prefabricats S.L. page to other Users is not considered advertising. so that they can also enjoy the promotions or be informed of your activity.

Below we detail the link to the privacy policy of the different Social Networks: