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Manufacturers of rustic fireplaces, modern fireplaces, designer fireplaces, built-in barbecues, rustic barbecues, designer barbecues.

Custom fireplaces and barbecues.

At Argemí we are manufacturers of rustic fireplaces, modern fireplaces, designer fireplaces, brick barbecues, rustic barbecues and designer barbecues… As you can see, we have many options that allow us to better adapt to your needs and tastes.

We offer advice and solutions for each client and space, with completely personalized models.

We do it in the most innovative way thanks to the high quality of 3D technology, with which we show you your fireplace or your barbecue as close to reality as possible so that you only have to imagine it in your home.


We adjust to your tastes, preferences and budget.

Furthermore, all our models are designed to enjoy pleasant temperatures inside the home during the cold months and to enjoy the good weather cooking outdoors, on terraces and gardens.

When you choose an Argemí fireplace or barbecue, you choose a functional, high-quality piece with great added value: its avant-garde aesthetics and its exclusive custom design. In our catalogs of modern fireplaces and barbecues you will find the most current trends: from models with essential lines, which become an elegant ornamental element, to timeless models with a sculptural body, without forgetting the rustic style with a traditional appearance.