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Tips for choosing the fireplace

The ideal fireplace varies depending on the home, the needs and its usefulness. Furthermore, correct combustion is the fundamental condition to guarantee comfort, safety, savings and environmental impact. Therefore, good advice from a professional is vital.

Metal fireplaces are ideal for smaller spaces, because they are small, visually light and their installation is quick. As it is made of metallic materials, the heat output is faster and greater than that of a module. On the other hand, built-in fireplaces are ideal for larger spaces, with built-in cubic designs and hidden flues that reduce the home to a hole. Installation typically takes three days.

If a heat recovery is incorporated, the fireplace becomes a clean, safe and high-performance heat source. For the maintenance of all wood-burning fireplaces, an annual inspection and cleaning of the flue is recommended. In our company you will find a human team willing to provide the best advice for the project you want to carry out.

Tips for choosing the stove

When choosing a stove, its usefulness should be considered in the first instance, determining whether the objective is to heat the environment or decorate it. Currently, most wood stoves and pellet stoves are chosen both for their high decorative impact and for their great performance.

Wood stoves can usually heat between 80 and 100 m2. However, there are those that can heat 180 m2, making them ideal for large homes and lofts. They are high-performance and safe stoves, which never go out of style and can give a different touch to the house: both rustic and modern.

Among the rustic wood stoves, some can be requested enamelled in bright colors, being very modern pieces that preserve the rustic, style appearance of the past.

There are also double combustion wood stoves, which offer even more performance and combustion control. They are very different stoves from the others, since the flame occupies the entire cabin and completely surrounds the fire. These are certified stoves with great fire control and help save on heating; In specific cases, they can replace it.

The novelty are the pellet stoves, which produce heat in a very efficient, clean and ecological way. These are highly durable stoves capable of heating up to 140 m2.

Tips for choosing the barbecue

When buying the barbecue we must take into account different factors such as determining its usefulness, the place where we are going to place it, the frequency with which we plan to use it, the available space, etc. Therefore, we have several models to choose from. The main material is, without a doubt, refractory brick. Depending on the space we have, we can add more elements to the built-in barbecue, for example, a cabinet for firewood, a side table, a sink or even make a completely personalized model.

Firewood is the most artisanal and natural way to prepare grilled food. Its use is beneficial for the environment because its emissions are low and it uses biomass as fuel. In our company you will find a human team willing to provide the best advice for the garden barbecue you want to make. Contact us and we will direct you to the nearest distributor.


Do barbecues have a circulation?

If it is indoor barbecues, yes. So it’s exactly the same as a fireplace. On the other hand, if they are outdoor barbecues, no, since they are always exposed to air currents and these can render the barbecue unusable.

Can a door be installed on existing brick chimneys?

It depends on how the chimney installation is done.

Is it possible to cook on the grill with fireplaces?

If the home chimneys are properly installed, there should not be any problems.
Grilling is a healthy way of eating and is part of our Mediterranean cuisine.

Can smoke or chimney draft problems be solved with heat recovery inserts?

At the outset, we will have to identify where the problem comes from and its magnitude. If the problem is minor, yes, it can be a solution.

Is it possible to install chimneys in any outlet diameter?

There are minimum requirements for installing chimneys, both in outlet diameter and duct height, and these determine the width of the fireplace in the home. Generally, it should not be less than 150mm.

Is an air inlet necessary to use a rustic fireplace or a modern fireplace?

It is entirely advisable to obtain good operation and optimal performance of the chimney.

Is it likely that smoke comes out of the stove chimney when you turn on the kitchen exhaust fan?

Smoke is likely to come out of the stove chimney if there is no additional air inlet for the extractor fan.

What is the difference between heat recovery systems for chimneys and metal modules?

The metal module has lower performance and features than heat recovery systems for chimneys and there is no possibility of incorporating turbines.

What is the difference between a refractory module and a heat recovery?

The heat recovery system has a system to obtain more performance and more features than a module, and it also has the possibility of incorporating turbines.

Do construction barbecues need a concrete base frame?

Yes, construction barbecues need a concrete frame or a firm base of some other material to support themselves and support the load.

What is the difference between a wood-burning barbecue and one for making a charcoal fire?

The difference is the temperature it can withstand and the limitations that the charcoal barbecue has for cooking with a wood fire.
On the other hand, the wood-fired barbecue is built with refractory and refractory concrete, so it withstands temperature peaks up to 1,200º and is ideal for cooking with a wood fire.

Why is it better to buy a wood-burning barbecue?

Barbecues for making a wood fire offer greater resistance and consequently more durability, various possibilities and ways of making a fire that allows for more variety of cooking. That is why it is always better to buy a quality wood-burning barbecue.

Can a garden barbecue be installed indoors?

Yes, a garden barbecue can be installed in a garage or other interior space, as long as a draft is installed and a smoke evacuation duct is available.

What is the Thermocomfort Radio Command like?

Radio Commando Thermocomort in white color with integrated room thermostat, large backlit and anti-reflective LCD screen with energy saving function, attractive and elegant design, easy-to-use menu simplified with only 4 buttons, manual adjustment (manual) or automatic modulation of power and ventilation (AUTO 5, AUTO 3, ECONOMY), rechargeable batteries, wall mount, compact and lightweight size.

Our quality commitment

Guaranteeing the quality of our fireplaces, barbecues, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and heat recovery units is our top priority, from the initial control of the materials, throughout all manufacturing processes, and until the final review. Therefore, all our products are guaranteed in quality and durability, and we only use materials with Quality Certification and appropriate to current regulations. Our refractory cement is specially designed to manufacture refractory and insulating mortars and concretes; and our cement is the one with the lowest risk of cracks on the market.