OLOT Prefabricate barbecue wood-use

OLOT is a prefabricated barbecue wood-use, a modern one with a spacious work table concrete and deep black granite hard-wearing weather. This model has incorporated a sink, but it can be order without it, because not all gardens have water connexions. It has a sliding door in fibre cement, the same material as the exterior hood. Fire space with steel grill 82x52cm also fit for “paella pan”.

Technical features

  • Exterior Hood in fibre cement * (kit in parts)
  • Interior Hood in refractory concrete
  • Anti-spark system
  • Refractory brick and concrete interior 5 cm,
  • Three rail positions for stainless Steel grill 82×52 cm
  • Independent ash drawer
  • Squared sink in black 34cm
  • Support and lining in grey concrete, shelf in dyed black concrete, deep black granite up-side table
  • Two sliding doors in fibre cement
  • Dimensions: Width 257 x length/depth 76 x height 223,70cm

(*) A manual riveter is needed for assembly

Optional changes:

  • It can change components order

Other materials available:

  • Beige concrete

Technical data

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