Milano Garden barbecue

MILANO is modern barbecue with a brazier to cook in Argentinian style, which creates a warm atmosphere around the barbecue with friends and relatives during summer evenings or weekends.

Straight lines, cube-shaped, urban style, work table in deep black granite (clean and pleasant texture). Brazier in one side to control the fire, interior refractory brick and concrete which resist high firewood temperatures as well as the low charcoal temperatures.

Our brand has other barbecues with brazier like Delta Recta, Barcelona and possibility to modify other models likes Calella and Olot.

Technical features

  • Exterior Hood in fibre cement * (kit in parts)
  • Interior Hood in refractory concrete
  • Anti-spark system
  • Refractory brick and concrete interior 5 cm black painted
  • Three positions for stainless Steel grill 69×44 cm
  • Independent ash drawer
  • Double compartment to create embers
  • Support and lining in grey concrete, refractory bricks 5cm black painted, deep black granite side table.
  • Dimensions: Width 186 x length/depth 66 x height 247,4cm

(*) A manual riveter is needed for assembly

Optional changes

  • It can change components order
  • It can make the work table longer


Other materials available

  • Beige concrete
  • Work table in synthetic stone cream-coloured

Technical data

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