Paterna barbecue “paella pan”

Paterna is a barbecue that we can cook and make fire with wood and also with charcoal; it has a huge cooking area. It is provided with Stainless grill 82x52cm. An independent ash drawer can be added to cook, but if not, there is no problem because the basement cooking area is manufactured with refractory brick and concrete. Work table can be assembled at right or left side depending on the space of our garden or terrace.

This barbecue like all we produce contains an anti-spark system in order to be able to use the barbecue during all the year: spring, summer, autumn or winter.


Technical features

  • Refractory concrete hood, painted and stuccoed in white
  • Anti-spark system
  • Refractory brick and concrete interior 5 cm
  • Three positions for stainless steel grill 82×52 cm
  • Stoneware and white marble grain work table
  • White marble grain support with stoneware and refractory brick shelf.
  • Weight: 1.102kg.
  • Dimensions: Width 197 x length/depth 72 x height 242,5cm


Optional changes:

  • A sliding door can be added.
  • An extra work table can be added.
  • Aa sink can be added.
  • Work table is reversible


Other materials available:

  • Marble grain support it is also available in black or brown
  • Marble grain can be changed for grey or beige concrete
  • Concrete hood it is also available in grey or beige

Technical data

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